Walk To Your Destination: Comfortably

We’ve all used Google Maps to navigate unfamiliar territory, but sometimes it can be a hassle. The Walkanomics app finds the easiest route for you along scenic paths that are sure to put you in a better mood.

See and Touch Your Music

Reify seeks to make your music experience more enjoyable by allowing songs to be unique and tangible.

Manipulating Gravity

This artist creates awe-inspiring artwork by placing rocks in exactly the right places, forming beautiful sculptures. Michael Grap shows the importance of being patient.

Turning Books into Art

Danielle Sullivan is a graduate student at the University of South Wales. Her love for books has inspired her two-month long project. She used pages from over 1,000 books to complete her masterpiece.

Defeating Poachers with RhinoCams

A conservation group dedicated to ending poaching have created a device that can record poachers in action as well as their location and send it to local police.

Clothes Adjusting to the Weather

ATTACH can adjust the clothes you are wearing to a comfortable temperature so that you can feel comfortable in any room, saving energy and making everyone happy.

The Airless Tire

Nearly weightless, eco-friendly and durable, the Hankook Tire can withstand any type of pressure or obstacles your car may face.

Your New Companion: A Robot

BUDDY is your necessary companion who will always remind you of the important things going on in your life, tutor your kids, protect your home while you’re gone and play your favorite playlist when you’re home!

Using Apps and Programs to Fight Diseases

Apple and Google are both huge tech companies setting a precedent to show the endless possibilities technology has for humanity. Learn how a universal collaboration among scientists, tech companies and the general public can help cure some of the world’s dangerous diseases.

One Pair of Shoes Will Match With All Your Outfits

No need to buy several pairs of shoes! Control the color of your shoes from your smartphone!

Your Office Can Work Around Your Schedule

Technology can be molded into different mediums. With rapid advancements in the tech world we can now use technology to transform the walls that separate us into open platforms for collaborative communication, while still maintaining a sense of privacy. MIMIC can revolutionize businesses across the world.

The Perfect Phone

Worried about cracking the screen of your phone? Worry no more! This phone is indestructible, unhackable and can still make phone calls to mom!  

Yes, You Can Actually Control Your Mood

Your mood ring may have lied to you, but this wearable mood controller puts you in control of your feelings. By using neural signalling this device is able to turn that frown upside down.

Tortillas Aren’t Just For Burritos

Tortillas are known to bring happiness to anyone. The circular nature of a tortilla can be very useful. This YouTube star turned a tortilla into a permanent record!

Replace your Mailman With a Drone

If you’re upset with your mail coming in late, or if you’re in a rush to receive a package, a drone may be the solution to your problem! This may seem a bit over-the-top, but this drone may even save lives. Find out how.

The Mona Lisa Can Now Fly

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” has been reproduced worldwide. Yet, this artist uses a new canvas to draw her beautiful “smile”. Using real butterflies, a magnifying glass and really fine paint brushes, Cristiam Ramos paints iconic portraits on butterfly wings.

How Teens Just Made Door Handles Cool

Viruses, bacteria and other microbes are all around us. Door handles are infamously known to carry many pathogens, so must you always put on your latex gloves to open doors? NO! Find out how two teens created a Door handle that kills off germs.

Exploration or Salvation: Why Living On Mars is Important

The idea of living on another planet is extraordinary. But could our exploration efforts be interwoven with the growing issue of climate change? If we had to flee our planet, find out what you would be dealing with every day on the fourth rock from the sun.

At the Threshold of Virtual Reality

With virtual reality rapidly expanding, see how it can create magical experiences that are very, very real. The ways in which we tell stories have forever changed.

Flying Cars and Motorcycles

Did you ever think that flying cars were vehicles of the distant future? Maybe not at all? What about flying motorcycles? Find out how two companies flew past the incredible hurdles of creating an efficient ground vehicle that anyone could take to the skies.


Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a real-life video game? Get one step closer. One artist has turned the New York City subway map into Super Mario World.


PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Accessories For The Connected Home


The Triton Oxygen Respirator is an ergonomically designed regulator that would eliminate the need for bulky scuba diving gear and would enable swimmers to breathe effortlessly underwater.


With Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week in full swing, designers are making headlines across the world. This year’s newcomers include students from the Academy of Art University where the inspiration, designs and models compete with marquee fashion brands. Get close to the runway in this video recapping the University’s fashion show.


As spring nears, you’re probably thinking about your next vacation. Why not plan a unique, unforgettable experience? Trend Hunter spotted 33 really interesting travel accommodations. Which destination would you like to try next?


Dr. Andrew Clark, a North Carolina university professor and bioengineer, has developed a prototype of door mat that will make your gadgets go bonkers. SmartMat is a new Wi-Fi floor man that when activated by a stepping on it, turns on selected electronics in your home.