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Our clients’ brands are powerful. They can spark a movement, shift behavior and bring about lasting change. We help clients realize the power of their brands, leveraging everything we know—and everything we can imagine—to bring ambitious visions to life.

We are an integrated communications firm helping clients connect with people to start something meaningful. From sleeping giants and purpose-driven disruptors to industry leaders with decades of experience, these are the businesses and organizations that inspire us.

We work really well with people who share our belief that imagining what is possible is the first step to achieving it. At Kyle Arnett, this belief is guided by five distinct principles. Are you a fit?

Principles of Possibility

  1. 1. When you push the imagination, great things happen.
  2. 2. Authenticity is simple and necessary.
  3. 3. More voices can create more harmonies.
  4. 4. Service to others feeds happiness.
  5. 5. Rules rarely influence behavior.

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  • Kyle A. Rosenbaum
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Christina Petroni
    Vice President
  • Marissa Hermo
    Vice President
  • Nick Ramirez
    Business Development

Kyle A. Rosenbaum

Chief Executive Officer

Clients who come to Kyle Arnett believe they have what it takes to somehow change the world. Introducing a new way of thinking about how they are going to make that change is the most valuable thing I can do for a client.

We approach new projects with a full immersion. No one, two or even three people have all the answers. We bring in our team of event planners, TV producers, programmers, graphic designers, project managers and marketing experts to put objectives to the test. We take advantage of the opportunity found in what isn’t necessarily spoken but is necessary to produce the best result.

As CEO, I set and drive the direction of the company as well as empower our teams and clients to think big. In this American economy, it’s so important to have an entrepreneurial mindset when problem solving. The most successful clients are comfortable testing new ideas.

I began trying out creative ideas for clients at Ketchum, where I drove media relations for ConAgra Foods, FedEx, Kellogg’s and Navistar. I later went on to manage U.S. media relations for HP and Deluxe Corporation while at Porter Novelli. There, I was also tapped to lead the transition of a multimillion-dollar, multinational account expansion of a consumer technology giant. The project was a great fit for me. I’m a global collaborator who sees the big picture but also loves to talk about the details. Before launching Kyle Arnett, I was manager of publicity for Nickelodeon consumer products and interactive. After spending some time there, I decided it was time to shake things up in the communications industry.

Kyle Arnett has an authenticity about it that you won’t find at other firms. Each of our team members is excited about life and genuinely wants to make a difference in the world. They seek out that opportunity in their work here, we support it, and that resonates on a daily basis.

Christina Petroni

Vice President

When you imagine what’s possible, you’ll see the goal is easily reachable 99 percent of the time. For the other 1 percent, step outside of your comfort zone and prepare to surprise yourself.

At Kyle Arnett, I provide strategic counsel for current and potential clients, while assisting with new business development for the agency.

I’ve worked at several global agencies such as Hill + Knowlton and Porter Novelli creating and executing strategic communications plans for brands including Walmart, Hewlett-Packard, Timberland PRO, NIVEA, ChapStick and Sony PlayStation. With that said, my greatest achievement to-date is watching individuals I mentor reach new milestones and both professional and personal growth.

My goal for every client is to help them get to point B, which is different for everyone. Some clients need to start with brand building, others need niche media relations, and some might simply require media training. At the end of the day, I strive to provide my clients the tools (and confidence) they need to succeed.

One of the most valuable things I can do for a client is provide honest feedback. An agency should be viewed as a partner; an extension of a brand, and with this, transparency is key.

At Kyle Arnett, being true to our clients is our top priority and core motivator.

Marissa Hermo

Vice President

Client and media relations, and media strategy are my top areas of focus here at Kyle Arnett. Since 2001, I’ve worked in public relations for clients spanning the financial services, tech, sports, entertainment and lifestyle industries.

I think that drawing from different perspectives and ways of doing business across industries helps our team think more ambitiously and develop more creative approaches to communications challenges.

No matter where a client comes from or where they want to go, being honest with them is one of the most valuable things I can be. The only way a client can make an informed decision is if they have the necessary information and understand the implications.

My goal at Kyle Arnett is to help clients see what’s possible and then exceed their expectations. There’s always a way—you just might have to take a different path.

Nick Ramirez

Business Development

Being true to our clients is our mode of operation—always. Three of the most important things I can do for our clients at Kyle Arnett is to be sure we are thorough, communicate clear expectations and follow through on everything we say.

My areas of expertise include strategic planning, research and development. Most recently, I served as the Vice President of Business Development at Red Butler, a global business concierge service where I oversaw service operations for a myriad of clients including Fortune 100/500 companies such as Google, MasterCard, Shell, Deloitte, TED Conferences, Stoli Vodka and Porsche.

If a client is beyond impressed with the work we deliver, I know we did a great job. My goal is to literally “wow” our clients at Kyle Arnett, helping them imagine what’s possible so their dreams can become reality.